DAY Social Justice Statement

DAY Social Justice Statement
December 31, 2020

George Floyd’s murder on May 25th set off the latest round of Black Lives Matter demonstrations and discussions. Disabilities do not discriminate. The DiversAbility at Yale Affinity Group (DAY) stands in solidarity with the other Yale affinity groups, and is committed to using our collective voices in bringing about change in the Yale community. We are committed to help make that change. Together, we can deconstruct implicit biases, actively advocate against racial injustice, and build a stronger and inclusive community where no one is left out.

Short-term actionable steps:

  1.  Hold joint talks with Yale affinity groups (YAAA, YLNG, etc.) to listen to their voices, perspectives, and provide a platform to be heard.
  2. As part of DAY’s October DiversAbility Awareness Month, engage in programs that support anti-racism in the Yale and New Haven communities.
  3. Partner with other Yale affinity groups, Yale Office of Diversity & Inclusion, and New Haven communities in supporting programs and educational initiatives to promote anti-racism.
  4. Select books on anti-racism and disabilities to be discussed at book club discussions.
  5. When possible, donate funds to New Haven organizations that support underrepresented and disenfranchised communities.

Long-term actionable steps:

  1. Listen and validate Black, African American, and Afro-Latinx experiences.
  2. Hold constructive dialogue with colleagues to encourage support and better understand the significance of anti-racism events.
  3. Collaborate with other Yale affinity groups to better understand the work we can do together to address intersectional concerns in our communities (e.g., race and disability, sexual and gender identities, and disability).
  4. Create a bibliography of reading and educational materials on disabilities and racism for inclusion in our monthly newsletter.
  5. Commit to a regular review to insure DAY is on track toward driving change in the above actions.