May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Together, we can Stamp Out Stigma.

Stamp Out Stigma Flyer
May 31, 2020

Mental health and substance use disorder diagnoses are more common than heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, migraines, osteoporosis and asthma. Yet many individuals with mental illness and substance use disorders are afraid to talk about their experiences or to seek help. 

Magellan is pleased to introduce Stamp Out Stigma, an educational awareness campaign aimed to build understanding of mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Together, we can stamp out stigma by recognizing that mental health should have the same priority as physical health, talking about experiences and making sure people get the treatment they need and begin the recovery process.

Throughout the month of May, we encourage you to learn more about mental health, by reviewing the links below on how to Stamp Out Stigma. Call your Counseling & Support Services program at 800-327-9240 for compassionate and caring support 24/7/365.