The group is open to all Yale staff, faculty, and postdocs, with or without a disability, representing a diverse range of departments and interests at Yale.

We strive to do the following:

  • Share interests, agendas and voices of people impacted by any type of disability
  • Create a personal and professional network for all Yale employees impacted by disability, and identify opportunities to promote recruitment, retention and advancement of people with disabilities.
  • Support and collaborate with other Yale affinity groups and efforts to create an inclusive Yale community
  • Increase awareness of issues related to disability through learning opportunities, social activities, and participation in outreach activities.
  • Develop and sustain links with other disability related groups at Yale as well as the New Haven and state disability community.


  • Recruitment/membership
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Programs
  • Partnership and Advocacy


Since 2005 Yale has invested in the development of affinity groups or employee resource groups. Each of the eight groups support recruitment, retention, education, advocacy, and community building.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Yale’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion proudly sponsors Yale’s affinity groups, which aim to make Yale a more inclusive and rich environment for employees of every type.

Affinity Groups