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Banner Campaign

Disability Alliance at Yale first launched its banner campaign in 2017. The campaign was inspired by similar campaigns at peer institutions, and by Yale’s United Way campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to make visible community members with disabilities, who don’t often get to tell their stories. The goals of the campaign were straightforward: raise awareness of the disability community at Yale and demonstrate that we’re everywhere even if our disabilities are not always visible; educate people on how common disabilities are by sharing relevant data and statistics; and humanize disability – we are your peers and colleagues.

Each colorful and engaging banner features a photo of a Yale community member with a disability (as well as some allies), a fact or statistic about disabilities, and personal quotes from those featured on the banners. Banners are placed in various buildings around campus, usually in areas with higher traffic to ensure that the messages reach a greater cross-section of community members. 

In 2023, DAY refreshed its banner campaign with its new name (Disability Alliance at Yale), new logo, new photos, and new participants. Some staff members featured in the 2017 banner campaign generously agreed to participate again, with updated photos, quotes, and facts. New staff and students were recruited as well. Eleven banners will be displayed in campus buildings. Additionally, 8 1/2”x11” flyers of the banners will be produced for display on walls and bulletin boards throughout campus, to further the reach of this awareness campaign.

DAY is currently recruiting more participants for another wave of banners to be produced in 2024-2025. If you would like to raise awareness and visibility of disability on Yale’s campus by being featured on a banner, please contact us at

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